Immersive Learning: iLRN Virtual Tour



AltspaceVR: Designing Relational Land-Based Connections through Immersive Learning for Middle-Years and Secondary Education

This Guided Virtual Adventure Tour will take you on exploratory journeys through the Taiga (Boreal Forest) Biome and an Introduction to the Sustainable Development Goals worlds within the AltspaceVR platform. Experience an engaging middle years or high school classroom in Virtual Reality (VR)! In an immersive setting that facilitates relational and cross-curricular connections, explore the Taiga Biome ecosystem, including plants, animals, and climate and discuss the Sustainable Development Goals and how we can empower students to make change. You will partake in a VR scavenger hunt and experience, through the use of embedded videos, the Upper Nikik Interpretive Trail in La Ronge, Saskatchewan, Canada, with Myrtle O’Brien, a Traditional Knowledge Keeper, Cree herbalist, crafter and educator. As she demonstrates knowledge of Indigenous plants, language, and traditions, we will discuss curricular connections related to respecting the environment and the human impact on the land. Grounded by constructivist learning theory, this guided adventure seeks to inspire educators who want to use VR for increasing student motivation, engagement, achievement and peer connections through immersive experiences.