Patrick Johnson


Join the AWE Nite SF community to explore NFTs and AR!

There has been phenomenal growth in the market for non-fungible tokens (NFTs): virtual products that are auctioned off via blockchain. Some crypto art and digital assets have sold for millions of dollars over the last few months. Some claim NFTs are a new digital revolution. Others say it’s just another tech fad.

So what's all the craze about NFTs? How do they work? Why should you care? And how does AR fit into the equation?

These are questions we will be discussing during our next AWE Nite SF event. We have a great line up of speakers that will share the work they are doing in NFTs and AR as well as demystify the tech along the way.

Check out our lineup of speakers and agenda below and we look forward to seeing you at the event!

Speaker Agenda

Jacob Loewenstein, Head of Business, Spatial -

James Basnett, CEO, Shape -

Krista Kim, Contemporary Artist and founder of the “Techism” Movement -

Looking Glass – (More to come)-

AWE NITE SF TEAM Wen Chang – AWE Nite SF Co-organizer

Myoung Kang - AWE Nite SF Co-organizer

Mike Boland, Co-organizer of AWE Nite SF & Chief Analyst, ARtillery Intelligence

Tom Emrich, Co-organizer of AWE Nite SF, VP of Product, 8th Wall

-- Patrick Johnson, Co-organizer of AWE Nite SF & CEO of Rock Paper Reality -