Beltane 2021 Public Ritual, Hosted by Pagans in VR


Merry Meet and happy May Day! Join us in celebrating the fertility of spring as we light the Beltane fire and celebrate the turning of the Wheel of the Year!

If you are new to Paganism, have questions, are seeking a community, or are interested in learning more, this is the event for you! Whether you are a Wiccan, Witch, Druid, Heathen, Germanic Pagan, Norse Pagan, Shaman, Santero, Hoodoo, Ceremonial Magician, Thelemite, Eclectic Pagan, Pantheist or just someone who is interested in learning more; all are welcome in this safe space. May Peace Prevail on Earth! ~Blessed Be /I\ Check out the Pagans in VR Channel!: