VenusSX presents The Energy Body

16+ please do not attend if you do not want to hear details about sensuality.


Welcome to VenusSX a safe social space. Opening an educational arena where we explore our energy bodies, the chakras and learn how to combat the enemies that shut the chakras down.

Meet Venus and join her on a journey, as we learn to harness our creative energy and how to clear the energy body.

NOTE Entry closes 40mins after opening to create a tighter matrix, total event duration is 2hrs.

18+ or if you are an adult and don't want to hear details about the human body, please do not attend.

VenusSX is an advocate dedicated to providing alternative education for all genders. Smashing taboos and social conditioning so we experience greater freedom in our individuality and be more playful in our self-expression.

Find me on Discord VenusSX#5597