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Are you still steering your ship? Staying in control during trying times. Are you overwhelmed by all the crazy dynamics around you? Or very busy to survive this crisis? Too stressed to know what to do; stuck in the void of indecisiveness? Relax. You are not alone. Due to external pressure, you will experience stress. And stress will make things worse. High-stress levels make it even harder to reflect, analyze and make decisions.

How can you stop this downwards spiral? What can you do to reduce stress during trying times and take back control of your life? The good news is that you can influence your thoughts, actions, and stress levels. In this VR session, we will explore and share tips and methods to take back the steering wheel of your ship.

Frank Rood is founder and owner of the MyTime Creator platform for stress reduction and time management. After a successful career as a designer, manager and director in the high tech industry he choose to become a coach and trainer. He is an expert on time management and stress reduction. His mission is to bring inner peace and outer ease. For more information see:  

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This is an open discussion not a therapy session.

CaptainVR for Business hosts every two weeks on Thursday Stress management presentations, workshops, or classes in AltspaceVR for businesses, organizations & enterprises.

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