Speakers: Meera Shah Ryan Peddigrew

Our First Art Show! CONINVR is proud to host the first VR Art Show, where artists, art enthusiasts, and art buyers can all meet in a virtual space. This is a one of a kind experience you won’t want to miss! We have 18 Artists with their own booths you can meet and connect with in real time. You can get more information by signing up and getting an immediate email with that artists information using their individual VR contact box.

Networking: We welcome all to our art event and to talk to each artists about their work. Meet other art enthusiasts in our beautiful convention center. This is where all our future large business events will be held!

Getting into AltspaceVR IN ADVANCE

To join with an avatar in our virtual space, you need to do a few things in before the event starts Saturday;

Join AltspaceVR and download the app.


Download the Altspace VR app on your PC, MAC or Headset Launch the AltspaceVR app and you will be directed to a login page.

If you are new to Altspace click ‘Create a new account’ and create your own account and Avatar.

Click events, then ‘interested’, then click the arrow on the event to enter.