Little Italy and Chinatown

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Little Italy and Chinatown, New York, United States

Get your passports ready and pack your bags because we're jet-setting from Italy to China! Or just leave the suitcase in the closet and join us from your comfy chair as we traverse through New York City's famed districts - Little Italy and Chinatown.

TOUR GUIDE: Aaron K. and Patrick

Aaron and Patrick both grew up on farms, but having lived in New York City for over25 years, they consider themselves New Yorkers.

Their tours are energetic and fast-paced - much like the city they love. While venturing through New York City's iconic highlights, viewers will also discover some hidden gems and learn where to find a sweet treat or the best slice of New York-style pizza. Better yet, you get to stroll through Times Square (and on New Year's eve, catch over a million partiers!) or see a stunning fireworks display from Belvedere Castle.

"We have so many funny memories but here are two of our favorites. During one of our Christmas tours, we slipped on the ice in front of hundreds of Virtual trips viewers - luckily, we were fine! On a different tour, we happened upon a person dressed as a tap-dancing fox in Washington square park. A rare sighting indeed!" Patrick laughs.

Virtual trips voyagers have the opportunity to see New York from Aaron and Patrick's perspective. Their positive energy is infectious and each tour feels like a love letter to the city. Come take a bite out of The Big Apple with the NYC tour!

Aaron K. and Patrick has been guiding since Sep 2020

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