Buenos Aires Street Art: Alleys of Color

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Buenos Aires Street Art: Alleys of Color

Get lost in the alleys of color of the Palermo Soho neighborhood of Buenos Aires.

This trendy neighborhood is fit to burst with warm cafes ,hip design stores, boutique hotels, swanky restaurants, and more. Fabian will show the street art and unique graffiti in all of its different techniques.

Prepare to experience an aspect of Buenos Aires that will help you to see and think about travel in a different way.


Almost a decade ago, Fabian kickstarted his career as a tour guide after leaving a cushiony corporate role as a Human Resources Manager.

Since then, he has enjoyed spinning exciting stories to travelers and taking them through one of the most European cities of Latin America.

Through his lens, you will discover the city that's home to the widest avenue, the widest river, and brimming with people who love football. Buenos Aires was a British colony for a little over a month, but i it carries with it a hint of different cultures. "Argentineans are Italians who speak Spanish but they think they live in France!" Fabian laughs.

Through his tours, you might hear him sing a tango (or humming to U2’s “With or Without You”), learn a couple of magic tricks (fun fact: he's an amateur magician!) and check out yerba mate, a super healthy herbal tea that's a local popularity.

"Being a tour guide is a bit like a teacher, and I enjoy telling stories. Buenos Aires is full of stories - bizarre, strange, hard to believe stories," he says.

Fabian has been guiding since Dec 2011

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