The Heart of NYC – Times Square

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Starting on 42nd Street, we’ll wind our way through the tourist-hub of NYC. Along the way, we’ll show you historic Broadway theaters, uncover some unique nooks and crannies and round out the tour with the iconic New Year’s Eve Ball!

Times Square can seem chaotic and daunting on a quick trip to NYC, but we’ll break it down for you…and maybe even show you some great places to eat on your next visit!

TOUR GUIDE - Aaron K. and Patrick

Though originally from the cornfields of the Midwest, Aaron considers himself a New Yorker having lived here for over two decades. He's a Broadway performer by trade but delights in showing off his favorite hidden gems around the city he loves.

Patrick moved to NYC in 1989 and has spent much of his career on Broadway. Over those 30+ years, he has watched the city evolve into the fun, fast paced tourist destination it is today.

Whether you've been to NYC before or haven't checked it off your bucket list yet, Aaron and Patrick will be sure to show you something that will pique your interest.

Aaron K. and Patrick has been guiding since Sep 2020

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