Famous Women of Paris - Left Bank

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This tour pays homage to famous Parisian women through the places they lived in, worked, built, rest or otherwise marked with their lives on the left bank of Paris.

Discover the lives of Sainte Geneviève who saved Paris organizing its defense against the Huns in the fifth century, the queen Marie de Médicis and her beautiful Luxembourg palace and fountain but also Olympe de Gouges, a pioneer of women's rights who demanded that women be given the same rights as men in her Declaration of the Rights of Woman and of the Female Citizen during the French Revolution in 1791. We will as well discover the lives of the scientist Marie Curie, the résistante Geneviève De Gaulle-Anthonioz, the philosopher Simone de Beauvoir and many other amazing women.

Résistantes, scientists, intellectuals, artists, queens, pioneers, all of them participated in the history of the capital, leaving behind remarkable works and memories.

Follow your local guide to visit Paris from a totally new angle, and discover the destinies of these astonishing women.

TOUR GUIDE - Florent

It's an understatement to say Florent knows Paris. Born in this wonderful city, Florent says he confidently knows every nook and cranny. Having completed over 2000 tours, we believe him.

He's a self-declared history, art and archaeology fan. What he loves most is sharing the best parts (and secrets) of Paris with you! “In French, if you add two letters to Paris, it becomes Paradis (Paradise in English)” he laughs. And paradise, it truly is.

Be it exploring Paris' gastronomical delights or catching an auction, walking along the River Seine (which Florent gallantly swam), exploring spots where Hemingway lived or its sprawling gardens, Florent takes you on an exciting tour through his favorite city.

“I love sharing my discoveries, explaining the boisterous history of Paris and showing places that are very hard to find otherwise, and of course getting to know new people everyday!” Florent says.

Florent has been guiding since Aug 2010

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