VR Locomotion: How to move in VR?

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How to move in VR, when taking into consideration the naturalness, usability, comfort, efficiency, and amount of motion sickness a locomotion method can induce, is still an open challenge that researchers have been trying to answer since the conception of the virtual reality device back in the 1960s. This presentation will address different methods used to move in VR and their pros and cons.


Ivan Aguilar is currently a PhD student and lecturer at the School of Interactive Arts & Technology (SIAT) at Simon Fraser University (SFU), in Vancouver, Canada. He received his Bachelor in Computer Science and Master’s in Media and Technology, both from the Sao Paulo State University (UNESP) in Brazil. He has researched the areas of virtual and augmented reality, computer graphics, HCI, and virtual production, and has worked with R&D for the VFX film industry. His current research focuses on using interdisciplinary approaches to investigate, develop, and analyze human-computer interfaces for virtual and augmented reality.

Ivan is currently reaching out to the VR community (researchers, enthusiasts, developers, gamers) to investigate what people think about the different ways to move in VR. If you would like to help him, please fill out this survey or read more on his university lab's website.

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