Guest: ILMxLAB and Marvel Studios, Out-of-home VR Entertainment of the Year winner with Avengers: Damage Control

About the series: Our AMA series invites our winners back to provide insight into the work that goes into an award-winning project – everything from behind the scenes insights to exciting plans for the future.

About the session: ILMxLAB and Marvel will take the stage on AltspaceVR to answer your questions, and guide you on a journey through the making-of one of the most immersive adventures of 2020: Out-of-home VR Entertainment of the Year winner, Avengers: Damage Control.


Shereif Fattouh, Senior Producer for ILMxLAB. Shereif joined ILMxLAB in 2017 as a Producer, with over 15 years of experience in interactive entertainment. He began his career in 2001 at Electronic Arts (EA) as a QA analyst before moving into Production in 2004. Over the course of 10 years as a Producer at EA he worked on award-winning AAA titles such as Tiger Woods PGA Tour Golf, The Simpsons Game, Dead Space 1-3, and Battlefield: Hardline. He most recently was Producer on Avengers: Damage Control, ILMxLAB’s location-based virtual reality experience made in collaboration with Marvel Studios.

Dave Bushore, Executive Producer of Avengers: Damage Control and Vice President of Franchise Creative & Marketing working on immersive and experiential content for Marvel Studios. He also works with Walt Disney Imagineering on all Marvel parks and resorts initiatives worldwide. Dave has worked at Marvel Studios since 2008 leading and producing various creative projects, special events, and brand initiatives surrounding the theatrical and in-home releases of Marvel Studios films.

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