XR Community Zone


The XR Community Zone for the Global XR Bootcamp 2020. Watch sessions together, meet with others in the community or stop by one of the booths to speak with some of the worldwide communities.

This zone is part of the biggest community event around XR called the Global XR Bootcamp.

The Online Global XR Bootcamp 2020 will be the biggest online Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality event in the world. The event will consist of a 24 hour live stream of high quality sessions by global speakers planned around the world through all the timezones.

And that is not all! Organizers have the ability to organize an online meetup in virtual reality as a community gathering, and if they want to, even with the ability to host sessions by local heroes. As organizer you have the choice to organize online activities at one or two days and even which part of the day suits your group the best.

Be part of this great community and sign up as organizer or sign up as attendee at one of the many online events taking place all over the world. Watch content about virtual reality, augmented reality, mixed reality, WebXR and related technologies like machine learning and AI brought to you by local heroes, or just stop by to meet with others from the local community.

More information on the website https://www.globalxrbootcamp.com/

Signup on Eventbrite. This will give you a chance to win one of the prizes. https://globalxrbootcamp2020.eventbrite.com

All sessions are live streamed on our YouTube channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCDfrUZRLfwN2FgYZxXe6_MA