Inspiring Accessibility Solutions from Today's Virtual Reality Experiences



The Kingston Creates Interactive Digital Media meetup invites you to join us for this presentation by Thomas Logan. Feel free to invite your local meetup members to join us. We'd love to meet all of you!

Most experiences using VR technologies at the moment have very little Accessibility support. In this presentation we will highlight specific implementation examples from VR experiences that demonstrate a design solution that works for people with disabilities. We will celebrate, evaluate, and discuss as a group what currently works well in 2020.

Thomas Logan has spent the past eighteen years assisting organizations to create technology solutions that work for people with disabilities. Over his career, Thomas has delivered projects for numerous federal, state and local government agencies as well as private sector organizations from startups to Fortune 500s. He is the owner of Equal Entry, whose mission is: “contributing to a more accessible world.” He is also organizer of Accessibility Virtual Reality and co-organizer of Accessibility New York - monthly Meetups for people interested in topics related to accessibility and people with disabilities. Thomas lives in Tokyo, Japan.

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