Ready for another Reckless VR Bitcoin Meetup?

A VR headset is recommended, but NOT REQUIRED!

Preparation is required before the event starts. You MUST RSVP to join event! See instructions below.

Does Bitcoin Work For Payments?

Join us this weekend for a one-on-one discussion with Sergej Kotliar, Bitrefill CEO, and Udi Wertheimer, on the viability of Bitcoin for payments.

The recent years gave rise to a narrative where Bitcoin is a good fit for storing value and settling large payments, but not so much for making everyday payments. Bitrefill seems to challenge that notion, being a popular venue for everyday spending via gift cards, and innovating on Lightning with services like Thor and Turbo channels.

So is Bitcoin a payment network, or not? Join this Saturday to find out!

How do I join?

This event is hosted on the AltspaceVR platform. It is available for most VR headsets, and also without a VR headset, on Windows PCs. Some users had success running it on Linux PCs, by downloading it through Steam and turning on "Steam Play" for all apps and games through Steam settings. Your mileage may vary!

PREPARATION IS REQUIRED to join the event! Please follow the following steps to prepare, BEFORE THE EVENT STARTS:

  1. On a desktop/mobile web browser, create a new AltspaceVR account if you haven't already, or Log in if you have.

  2. On this event web page, click the RSVP button. YOU MUST RSVP BEFORE THE EVENTS STARTS, otherwise you won't be able to join. You can't RSVP after it starts!

  3. Download AltspaceVR for your platform.

  4. Start the AltspaceVR app and log in with the same account you used on step 1.

  5. Go through the first-time tutorial if you didn't yet. This is required to join the event. You'll select an avatar, then follow the blue arrows on screen to learn how to navigate the world.

  6. When you're done with the tutorial, the Altspace menu should be available through the bottom-right corner. Navigate to EVENTS menu and then the INTERESTED tab, and you should see this event show up there. You're ready! Once the event time arrives, a "join" button will appear here!

For help with any of these steps, and to get notified on future events, please join our Telegram group!

If you can't join us on Altspace VR, you can still watch the live video stream on YouTube

Bonus for hard-core VR people :)

Like we do every week, we will follow the Altspace VR meetup with an after-party on VRChat. It's kind of like going out for a drink with the friends you met at the event. You're welcome to join that too, just follow these steps ahead of time:

  1. Watch this video on setting up VRChat

  2. The user you need to send a friend request to in VRChat (explained in the video) is “udiWertheimer”

  3. And this is the registration form you must fill

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