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CaptainVR for businesses & enterprises. How to deal with stress in a healthy way! The challenge is to combine our skills. Coaches, game designers, trainers, hr managers, data specialists. We all need to work together. As there is a big challenge, getting bigger. Stress kills creativity, productivity and quality of life. Facing that and solving that is a mission. And I welcome everyone who is willing to support this mission.

Frank Rood is the founder and owner of the My Time Creator platform for stress reduction and time management. After a successful career as a designer, manager, and director in the high tech industry he chooses to become a coach and trainer. His specialties are time management and stress reduction. His mission is to bring inner peace and outer ease.

Guided learning There is a good reason to have the best tools for stress reduction and learning new skills to manage stress. Stress effects your cognitive skills. This includes your ability to pay attention, remember, solve problems, make decisions, and think critically. One important factor is that the ability to self-reflect is impaired. This is one of the reasons people with severe stress keep doing stressful things and eventually burnout. The ability to self-correct is not there.

One thing I teach clients with stress in my training and coaching sessions is to take feedback from people around them very seriously. Your loved one, close colleagues, they ask you questions like: ‘You look so tired, are you ok?’.

So how do you guide people to get less stress and to better manage stress? 1. You need easy to use tools and easy to implement methods. 2. The methods and tools need build-in feedback loops, to support ‘self’-reflection. 3. You want to have a safe environment to practice new skills. The virtual environment can potentially fulfill those requirements.

Exercise: Increase and decrease stress by body posture.

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Mission: To build a network of businesses, organizations, and enterprises around the world who are interested in VR coaching & personal development & provide them an interactive space where they can connect, communicate and share knowledge. To help organizations to create a pleasant working atmosphere in a time-efficient and cost-effective way with healthy, happy, and productive employees.

CaptainVR is helping organizations with proven stress reduction & stress management methods in a time-efficient and cost-effective way, to create healthy, happy, and more productive employees. Captain VR is also helping organizations save money on long term sick leave.

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This is an open discussion not a therapy session.

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