Stress Reduction Through Music: Fabian Schlosser

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This evening we have Fabian R-CANE Schlosser

Fabian is music producer / 3D Art / Film maker Fabian “R-CANE” Schlosser is a music producer with several placements in films, series and releases with artists worldwide.

In 2011 he tragically lost the love of his life. Her death caused a lot of stress and he was looking for music to relax himself. Medication he believed was not the answer to his mourning.

The music he found just didn’t cut it so he decided to compose and produce relaxation music himself. A combination of soothing sound design, composition and production worked during the breaks he took at day time. At night time he was still tossing and turning not being able to sleep because of worrying. He experimented with several musical and rhythmical elements and finally figured out a combination of several techniques that did help. When he discovered 432Hz tuning the impact of his music on the mind and body became even more noticeable.

Chronic stress is an occurring structural factor in most people’s lives, and so should relaxation be. With this given principle, Fabian turned his years of personal experience with his soothing music into a Stress Reduction Method. Each song tailor-made and placed with a specific purpose within each session. Start your day by waking up relaxed and getting up with positive energy. After a busy day unwinding to get your mind at ease before sleeping.

The music guides you to explore places in the mind as if you are truly there. It might take some time getting used to but basically everyone can do this on a daily basis and notice the positive results of this method within several days.

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