XR Creators: Marie-Isabelle & Heidelinde


The XR Creators speaker series is a regular event held by the XR Creators Unite community, where community members and others interested in VR and AR gather to share information. This week's featured speakers are Marie-Isabelle and Heidelinde.

Marie-Isabelle, the CEO of XR Synergies, is an anaesthesiologist and ER specialist. After her studies in Berlin and Oxford she worked in hospitals around the world and has first-hand experience regarding the critical issues that both patients and healthcare professionals face nowadays: short-staffed hospitals, poor time-management and quality issues in patient-doctor relations. Patient safety and well-being as well as digitalization and modern technologies are an important part of her daily work - and since Heidelinde introduced her to the fascinating world of XR, she has become hooked on this technology from day one!

Heidelinde, CTO of XR Synergies, studied telecommunications and media and has more than ten years experience in the area of product development and project planning of safety-critical systems. She is convinced that VR will change the way people work and how we collaborate as a society and across sectors in the future. Prior to her engagement as CTO of XR Synergies, she was an active partner in a VR production company focusing on VR-based safety trainings. She now aims at combining her passion for entrepreneurship with cutting-edge technology.

The two founders of XR Synergies met during their MBA studies for Entrepreneurship and Innovation at the Vienna University of Business and Economics. The concept of using VR for informing patients about their upcoming medical intervention was already born during their first university lecture and after playing around with the idea for a little while, it quickly evolved into a serious and concrete business idea - the beginning of XR Synergies!

VR is often referred to as an empathy machine, Marie and Heidelinde are now taking on the exciting opportunity to boost communication and collaboration between doctors and patients.

They are delighted to share insights on their journey from the first idea to a working prototype, and how they believe VR can improve doctors' and patients' lives in healthcare.

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