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‘AUTISM’ is an open, global platform of researchers and academics that focuses on accommodating autistic people as well as parents/carers/professionals/researchers in this life journey providing awareness and information across age span and across variations on the spectrum. The core committee is a blend of autistic and non-autistic people, who are all aspiring to support an open community forum, focused on sharing information in the field, state-of-the-art research/applications, providing a glimpse of all research/projects/concepts/ideas already put into effect, encouraging all members to present their own ideas/initiatives, and finally concluding on what the best approaches are. And all this will happen with the support of the most immersive technology, Virtual Reality.

‘AUTISM’ is dedicated to providing educational events and workshops around autism. Join us to network and connect with other like-minded people supporting the autism community. If you have any projects, knowledge, experience, insights, challenges you would be willing to share with the community, join our channel:

Join us on The Autism Discord Channel .

The launch of the channel will be completed in two separate events. The first event which will take place on 9th June at 8:00-9:00pm (BST) and is addressed to everybody who wants to become familiar with the platform and get informed about how they can make the most of it (use/affordances/technicalities). The Channel Community will have a chance to get to know the core members of the channel followed by a presentation of the affordances of the specific Virtual Reality Platform for autistic people and autism community. This is a great opportunity to familiarise yourselves with the AUTISM Core Committee members and brainstorm us with topics, workshops, any other types of activity that would be interesting to you and you would expect us to cover. The date and time of the second event will be announced later.

We are here to bond the whole autism community with all of us… Support us in growing the channel, and thus the movement.


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