XR Creators: Nayla Alkhalifa


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The XR Creators speaker series is a bi-weekly event held by the XR Creators Unite community, where community members and others interested in VR and AR gather to share information. This week's featured speaker is Nayla Alkhalifa.

Nayla Alkhalifa (Nayla VR BH) is a virtual reality artist from the island of Bahrain. She graduated from the American University of Paris with a Bachelor of Arts in Art History. During her studies, she has worked with the Louvre Museum in Paris, focusing on research programs surrounding ancient artifacts.

In 2017, she began a journey that combined both her passions – art and technology. Nayla uses the medium of virtual reality to create immersive experiences that focus on ancient art, architecture, abstract art, art history, and the human condition. She has hosted virtual reality talks in Bahrain discussing her experiences as a VR artist, and worked with the Bahrain Embassy in Washington DC on 3D printed projects and VR Art installations. Additionally, she has displayed her work at the 45th and 46th edition of the Bahrain Annual Fine Arts Exhibition.

She has recently been accepted to graduate school to continue her research in merging art & tech, and aspires to continue exploring the different possibilities with virtual reality art, augmented reality, mixed reality, as well as pursue her dreams of becoming a lecturer, author, and professor.

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