English Lessons: Thrive in a Global Community, Superstitions, Future of Language Learning

24 hr English Lesson Fundraiser


The Last Hours

Hour 22

How to Thrive in a Global Community Join Michael McDonald, Dr. Sana Farid & Steve Bambury as we discuss our thoughts on how to thrive as a global citizen. Times are changing so fast that it's easy to be swept along with the technology, constant connectivity and feeling overwhelmed by world events but in this talk with these two respective leaders in their fields - Dr Farid in #VR #AI and #healthcare and Steve in #education and #VR, we'll get into the finer details of what it's like to live and work in a multicultural community, reflecting on their own journies and where we're going in the future.


Hour 23

Supersititions Around the World Time for scary ghost stories? Learn about strange superstitions in the past and cultural differences around the world today and their sayings. Knock on wood, black cats, and more. Share your cultural scary stories and traditions.


Hour 24 - The Last Hour

Closing Michael will discuss the future of foreign language learning and teaching, and how to use education and cultural exchange as a vehicle to bring about truly positive, global change.

24-hr English Lesson and Fundraiser Schedule

Raising money for the La Croce Rossa Italia Lecce, the Red Cross unit for Lecce, Italy, struggling to cope with the medical needs of a community devastated by COVID-19, Michael McDonald of Gold Lotus presents the world's first 24-hr long virtual English Lesson in VR in AltspaceVR, ENGAGE, and rumii.

Join him as he tackles English language lessons each hour on money, culture, films, art, nature, environment, crime, and more. Help support the cause by donating to the GoFundMe account for La Croce Rossa Italia Lecce Coronavirus and help his community.

After a combined 20 years of studying and teaching foreign languages, Michael McDonald set up the Gold Lotus consultancy in Lecce, Italy, to support students accelerate their language-learning potential and cultural awareness by using virtual reality. Michael is working on a number of projects relating to English-language learning in VR, and collaborates with universities across Europe to research how immersive tasks can support the language learner or teacher. Spring 2020 also sees the start of two publicly-funded projects in Italian schools which will offer a program to students and teachers to build their English skills in VR and connect them, in real-time collaborative environments, to other schools globally in a virtual cultural exchange program. You may follow his progress on Twitter at @GoldLotusCo.

This event is sponsored and supported by Educators in VR, a membership organization dedicated to helping educators, learners, researchers, and passionate users integrate spatial technologies into education and teach workshops and classes in Vr. Educators in VR hosts weekly workshops on Tuesday and workshops, classes, and trainings throughout the week in AltspaceVR and hosts a variety of events in ENGAGE, rumii, Mozilla Hubs, Somnium Space, and more.

Learn more about Educators in VR on their site and our AltspaceVR Educators in VR Channel. Join the conversation on our Discord Channel, on our @educatorsvr Twitter, or in our Facebook group.

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