We're happy to invite you to our first VR presentation on Bitcoin!

Adam Gibson - known as the maintainer for JoinMarket and for his work on Bitcoin privacy - will tell us about PayJoin, a scheme for making bitcoin payments more private.

We expect the presentation to be around 45 minutes. Afterwards we will continue with a free-form VR meetup.

The maximum capacity for this event is 80 guests. We expect that this would be enough, but please keep that in mind, and arrive on time. Unfortunately you won't be able to join if we exceed the maximum capacity.

Because this is a private event, YOU MUST RSVP on this event page on the AltspaceVR website, otherwise the event won't be available to join in the AltspaceVR app, so please make sure you RSVP if you plan to join.

After you RSVP, you can find the event in the Altspace VR app inside the EVENTS menu, under the INTERESTED tab. You'll be able to enter the event when it officially starts.

For help, and to get notified on future events, please join our Telegram group!