Cyberbullying in VR

2020 Educators in VR International Summit


2020 Educators in VR International Summit brings together educators, learners, researchers, and experts in VR, AR, and XR to share their passion for integrating immersive technology in education.

Track: Diversity

Cyberbullying in VR Panel

John Williams, Lorelle VanFossen, Brennan Hatton

Bullying is not a victimless crime. In the US, 5,000 school age children attempt suicide every day, and teenage suicide is up 67% in the UK since 2010. A good majority of suicide attempts are the result of bullying, in the real world, online, and in today in VR. John Williams, long-time virtual and online community manager and media producer, along with Brennan Hatton of Equal Reality, and Lorelle VanFossen, co-founder of Educators in VR and a long-time educator in both real and virtual worlds, challenge our thinking and offer help understanding cyberbullying and how to confront bullying online and in VR.

John Williams, Multimedia Producer and Online and VR Community Consultant

For over twenty years, John Williams has held various leadership roles developing and managing virtual communities. John's specialty is in retention, innovation, trust and safety of the communities he's responsible for. His passion dates back to his teens, when he was part of the first virtual world community: "Habitat's Club Caribe" on QLink in the late 80s. Today, John is a sought after expert producing entertaining and educational livestreams and events in social and collaborative VR communities. In 2018, he co-developed the AltspaceVR 101 and contributed to the organization and refinement of AltspaceVR's Community Helper and volunteer education programs. He currently co-facilitates the LGBTQ+ VR Meetup and is a contributing consultant to Educators In VR. His past clients include various virtual worlds and online communities such as,, ForterraInc,,,, PlanetOut, Fujitsu's WorldsAway,,, The ImagiNation (Sierra) Network, AOL, Astronet, CompuServe, and QLink.

Brennan Hatton, CTO / Co-Founder, Equal Reality

Brennan Hatton began building virtual worlds and communities 10 years ago, and founded several social impact companies in augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), game development and education. Scouted by AR company Meta and a graduate of internationally acclaimed tech incubator Y-Combinator, he has come to see his overarching mission as enabling content creators to use VR to solve social issues, creating tools that widen access to this incredibly powerful technology. Teaming up with Rick Martin, Brennan finds it unacceptable that equality is advancing so slowly that parity could take more than 100 years at current rates, for gender alone. Equal Reality is already using technology Brennan developed to tell compelling stories and create real change in the behavior of the people that experience them.

Lorelle VanFossen, Co-Founder, Educators in VR

A long-time fighter for the right to have your say, Lorelle VanFossen is a world-renown speaker, trainer, educator, author, and consultant in web publishing and education in virtual reality. On online pioneer, she taught online in CompuServe, created one of the oldest existing websites in the world, and is at the highest level in Niantic's Ingress. In 2003, already a popular online publisher and educator, she discovered WordPress and helped the grassroots blogging movement become a multi-billion dollar company. She is still known as the "Official WordPress Evangelist." The recipient of too many awards and honors to mention for her leadership, mentoring, and innovative keynote presentation and teaching style, Lorelle battles ignorance in equal rights, fairness, copyright, and freedom of expression on a daily basis. When she drops her verbal swords, she trains educators, learners, and passionate enthusiasts how to use VR for education, consults with enterprise, schools, and small businesses on integrating VR into education, teaches creative writing (yeah, try that in your virtual home), genealogy and family history, and continues to train and mentor AltspaceVR community members into the Community Helper program for self-confidence, leadership, and skill building.

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