The Future of Social Media, Education, and Online Teaching

2020 Educators in VR International Summit


2020 Educators in VR International Summit brings together educators, learners, researchers, and experts in VR, AR, and XR to share their their passion for integrating immersive technology in education.

Track: Corporate/Enterprise

The Future of Social Media, Education, and Online Teaching

Andy Fidel + Paula Paulino + Bobby Carlton, Digital Media Educator & Consultant in Spatial Networks, Spatial Networks

Andy Fidel, Paula Paulino, and Bobby Carlton will discuss creativity in social VR/AR in the education space and how this empowers students to make an impact in their communities. How does immersive reality and virtual embodiment change our digital communications? How do you shift between media capture and presence? What does it mean to have a virtual identity? How does one find or create community in the multiverse? What will be the impact VR/AR on our social lives. Explore how spatial networks is about living shared experiences.

Andy Fidel, Digital Media Educator and Strategist

Andy Fidel is a digital media educators and host of the #GetSocial Channel in Virtual Spaces and VR Montreal. She collaborates with VRScout, VR Creator Lab, WXR Venture Fund, and AltspaceVR. She specializes in social media relations and spatial networks, focusing on social VR and AR.

Bobby Carlton, Director of Immersive Learning for Ready Learner One LLC and contributing writer for VRScout and Future Now

In 2016, Bobby took on the role of Director of the Virtual Learning Project for the Masie Center, working directly with Elliott Masie on the exploration of the impact AR and VR technology on corporate learning. From that experience, Bobby went on to publish with the Masie Center, STRIVR, InSync Training, and AIXR, and was invited to be on the judging panel for the annual VR Awards held in London. Employing his expertise in AR and VR for the corporate learning space, Bobby regularly partners with multiple global organizations on their AR and VR strategies, and serves as a regular guest on the UK's nationally syndicated radio program TalkSport as their technology expert. Follow Bobby on Twitter @bcarlton727

Paola Paulino, Founder, #isnsVR and XR Pioneer Ltd.

Paola Paulino is a far future innovator turned XR visionary for international education. She started her immersive technology career at Microsoft Studios. Paola is part of the first group of people to pioneer experiential design and hardware development for Mixed Reality. She founded #isnsVR, one of the first high-end VR/AR Immersive Technology Pilot programs for international K-12 education in Asia. Following the success of this program, Paulino founded the Global VR/AR Association - Shenzhen, she was selected to be the first Ambassador for #VRwomen Asia and founded XR Pioneer Ltd., a Hong Kong/Shenzhen based educational technology solutions company built to serve cutting edge and meaningful tech integration experiences in education.*

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