Partner Dancing Lessons in VR

2020 Educators in VR International Summit


Track: vCoaching

Partner Dancing Lessons in VR

Jorge Ortiz, CEO, Dance-Virtual

Jorge Ortiz and Rebekah Diaz developed a virtual studio classroom to teach and learn partner dance steps. Learning dancing in Kenematic raises challenges in virtual reality due to the lack of haptic feedback on most consumer headsets. Ortize and Diaz will discuss the challenges of how they use VR with partner dance taking into consideration balanced tension and compression to another person, together with weight changes, aspects crucial for a mutual connection that flows with the music. The will share their innovative use of Visual and Auditory stimuli to compensate for decreased Kinematic feedback, while using more sophisticated motion capture methods for the teachers, in addition to recreating the look and feel of a real-world dance studio lesson increased satisfaction with the lesson in a virtual space.

Jorge Ortiz obtained a Ph.D. in Computer Engineering and started working on Virtual Reality when he moved to Austin, Texas in 2015. He is the founder and CEO of Miragic Labs, a company creating VR experiences, most notably Dance-Virtual, a series of dance education app in VR to learn partner dance steps. He is also Director of XR at Zpryme, developing interactive visual experiences for customer engagement, training and education for industry partners. Jorge is now the Director of XR at Zpryme, developing interactive visual experiences for customer engagement, training and education for industry partners in the energy and education sectors.

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