Expert Panel: Hosting Events in VR

2020 Educators in VR International Summit


2020 Educators in VR International Summit brings together educators, learners, researchers, and experts in VR, AR, and XR to share their their passion for integrating immersive technology in education.

Track: Down to Basics

Expert Panel: Hosting Events in VR

MysterySteve, Don Ainsworth, Chris Samuelson, Mark Savage, Mike P, Lorelle VanFossen

Join a panel of experts sharing their expertise in hosting events in VR. Each of these popular event hosts have been hosting events in VR for over a year and have tips worth sharing. What works, what doesn't, developing custom event spaces, moderation, presentation styles, with some laughs along the way. Trust us, when this group gets together, expect some anarchy along with some precious gems of thoughtful information essential for hosting events in virtual reality.

MysterySteve, event host/co-owner, We Are ImproVR

Host of multiple AltspaceVR events, Mystery Steve (Stevieboy) is the co-developer and host of "Improv Night," "A Thing In A Place," and The Anyway... Podcast." The ImproVR Discord server is one of the most active and popular among the VR communities as members are challenged weekly and even daily with a wide variety of imaginative "improvisation" challenges. He's pushed VR entertainment to extremes, and bent it around his little finger.

Don Ainsworth, event host/co-owner, A Think in a Place and Let's Talk

Don Ainsworth is the co-developer of "A Thing in a Place" comedy podcast with Stevieboy, and creator of "Let's Talk," a unique virtual reality show about life, death, and everything in between. Don is famous for just pushing limits, in the real world and virtual, it doesn't matter.

Chris Samuelson, event host, LGBTQ+ and Friends

Chris Samuelson took over hosting the LGBTQ+ and Friends meetup from Katie Law, program owner of AltspaceVR, and expanded its mission and community extensively with a highly active Discord server and multiple events each week in VR. The supportive group hosts "Safe House" events and other seasonal and collaborative community projects including a huge celebration of world-building "floats" for Pride Month this past year. Many of the groups' members are highly active in the VR community, supporting a wide range of events as volunteers and moderators, and they also organize meetings in the real world.

Mike P, event host/co-owner, Open Mic Night

One of the most popular events in AltspaceVR, Open Mic Night packs in crowds eager to show off their talents. Mike P founded the event and also started a musical comedy event called Telepathic Rum, and was recently signed on as the announcer for The Rooftop. He's developed a popular improv show called The Tuesday, with a set cast as part of We Are ImproVR, and guest hosted the popular VR technology talk show, The Hive. He is a frequent improv and musical performer in VRChat Improv and hosts a smaller Open Mic Night event on the VRChat platform.

Mark Savage, event host/owner/producer, Mark's News & Updates

There has long been a desire to have a news show dedicated to Altspace news, updates, events, and community activity, and Mark stepped up. In spite of extreme social anxieties, he overcame his fear and developed Mark's News & Updates, a weekly 45-minute news show that celebrated its first year of production this past November with a special episode. With co-hosts Lorelle VanFossen and Donna McTaggart, and a great team of moderators and helpers, the News & Updates team is THE source of what's happening in the popular social and events platform. Mark also builds custom worlds with Unity and create the Educators in VR presentation space and the International Summit special event worlds.

Lorelle VanFossen, co-founder, Educators in VR

Along with co-founder Daniel Dyboski-Bryant, Lorelle hosts a variety of special guest speakers and training workshops weekly for Educators in VR, and is the producer of the 2020 Educators in VR International Summit. She also owns and hosts the Creative Writing Meetup, Family History and Genealogy Meetup, The Doctor Who Meetup, AltspaceVR 101s, and many other educational events in AltspaceVR.

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