Learning Organizations in VR / Augment Class / VR Revolution

2020 Educators in VR International Summit


Session: Learning Organizations in VR / Augment Class / VR Revolution

2020 Educators in VR International Summit brings together educators, learners, researchers, and experts in VR, AR, and XR to share their their passion for integrating immersive technology in education.

First Presentation

Track: Corporate/Enterprise

The Myth of "Learning Organizations" in the Era of Immersive Learning

Thiên-Sinh Polodna, Academy Director, Uptale

In the era of digital learning, the dream of a learning organization where everyone is contributing inside an organization in the development of skills is the goal of every Learning and Development Service. Unfortunately, this dream may stay a myth because of the difficulties and problems that classical elearning present to the knowledge bearer. Using the power of VR, this is no longer a dream. Real learning organization can exist. Thiên-Sinh Polodna will discuss this subject using the example of one of the biggest car manufacturer, PSA, who successfully deployed immersive learning in a scale never seen before.

Expert in education and instructional design with over 10 years experience, Thiên-Sinh Polodna, trains, coaches, and helps international organizations, companies, and universities in the deployment and efficient use of immersive learning with the Uptale startup, improving the way people are developing skills.

Second Presentation

Track: General Topics

Augment Your Classroom

Georgina Dean, Director of Learning Technology, Redefine Education

After being introduced to AR at the Adobe Headquarters in San Francisco, Georgina Dean began her studies into AR in education and the benefits to all stakeholders. She will discuss and illustrate strategies that educators can adopt to introduce AR into their classrooms through invaluable shared resource banks and collective lists of EdTech Leaders in AR. She will offer insights into where the average educator starts, and how to incorporate AR technologies on a limited budget.

As a Google for Education Certified Trainer, a Google Educator Group Leader (GEG Amman), an Adobe Education Leader & Trainer, a Microsoft Innovative Educator, and an Apple Teacher, Georgina’s goal is to offer creative digital integration support to education communities around the world. Georgina is an inspiring education leader, consultant, and keynote speaker, and is keen to impact creative innovation across the Middle East, where she has been fostering change in education for over a decade. She empowers learners and educators with the 21st century skills and tools they need to be successful, and thrive in tomorrow's competitive job market.

Third Presentation

Track: Corporate/Enterprise

Education: The Past, Present, and Coming Revolution

David Sime, Director, Oncor Reality

David Sime will explore how we may eliminate the barriers from the origins of education, through the development through history to the present. Our current pedagogical "one to many" system to the dramatic shift to practical learning, removal of the barriers of distance, language, and physical mobility, which is already allowed by a combination of immersive technologies (AR/VR), and wired and unwired connectivity (broadband/4G/5G), and how we can learn from the past to embrace an innovative future.

David Sime is a multi-award winning AR and VR production manager with over 19 years digital media experience. He is the director of the immersive media agency Oncor Reality, delivering results-based immersive media solutions across engineering, construction, hospitality, and luxury retail sectors globally.

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