VR Workplace Safety / Assessment & Design / Breaking Rules

2020 Educators in VR International Summit


Session: VR Workplace Safety / Assessment & Design / Breaking Rules

2020 Educators in VR International Summit brings together educators, learners, researchers, and experts in VR, AR, and XR to share their passion for integrating immersive technology in education.

First Presentation

Track: Corporate/Enterprise

Integration of VR into a Workplace Safety and Prevention Training Program

Tania Killan, Professor, Seneca College

Technology as a method to promote workplace safety and save lives is an achievable goal. Tania Killan explores the integration of a fully immersive VR learning experience in a Training Techniques and Practices course within a Workplace Safety and Prevention (WSP) program. She will cover the advantages and disadvantages of various VR and VR devices, training, and design and development of VR replacements for real-world scenarios and training in the workplace. Ideal for faculty, staff, instructional designers, and administrators involved in higher education in the health care and other professional fields.

Tania Killan has been an educator for 19 years, with extensive experience in curriculum design and delivery, program evaluation, simulation. She has been working with VR over the last 2 years integrating into multiple programs.

Second Presentation

Track: Research

VR Education and Assessment: How It Influences Design Choices

Richard Ward, Global lead for Enterprise VR, McKinsey & Company

Companies differ from learning environments as their use of VR is highly focused on assessment of physical knowledge for safety, as well as hands on training in both operational procedures for more effective work but also for safe operations. Richard Ward will cover hazard awareness of workers at a refinery, assessing new hire forklift operators, training equipment operators on a new maintenance procedure, and a team of deep sea diver welders practice a complex procedure before going to sea. He will discuss benefits to workers and companies. and how that influences design choices such photorealism, use of physical or virtual control hardware, and where the future may go with haptics and other physical feedback systems.

Richard Ward is a senior manager and global lead for enterprise VR at McKinsey & Company. With over 30 years of entrepreneurial and intrapreneurial experience, Richard advises and serves clients to help them understand the value of VR to their organizations. McKinsey’s agile development teams help clients build MVPs and Proof of Concepts in VR to validate capabilities and assumptions of use.

Third Presentation

Track: Down to Basics

Presentations in VR: Breaking Old Rules and Unlocking New Possibilities

Yulia Barnakova, Principal, Digital Acceleration and Innovation - Heidrick & Struggles

We know the "best practices" of presentations – reduce text on your slides, make good eye contact, use stories, involve the audience, etc. VR presentations make us rethink traditional rules to take advantage of the full immersive experience. Yulia Barnakova explores design, delivery, and experience aspects of presenting in VR. What are the new rules for slide development and design? How do you use 3D models and props to complement slides? Are you confined to the presentation stage? Is audience engagement different in VR? How can you take advantage of the unique aspects of VR and go "beyond the screen?"

Yulia Barnakova is a Principal in the Digital Acceleration and Innovation - Heidrick & Struggles practice, working with clients to envision future technology disruption and shape their business and talent strategies to thrive in a digital world. She has worked with Fortune 500 clients across many industries, from healthcare, to aerospace, financial services and funeral services on digital dexterity, innovation, tech-enabled communication, and virtual and augmented reality.

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