XRC Topic Talk: The 3 vs. 6 DoF Debate


The debate comparing devices with 3 DoF vs. 6DoF is intensifying as immersive technology advances. In this XR Creators meet-up, we will dive into the discussion, with questions such as:

• Is 3DoF a waste of consumers’ time and money, when more powerful options exist?

• Is it elitist to demand people spend more for a 6DoF experience?

• Does owning a less powerful device (e.g. 3DoF) imply inferiority?

• Is it realistic to hope that the time is now for VR, while barriers such as financial and worldwide accessibility exist for mass adoption?

Come discuss these topics with us! We welcome people of all backgrounds, and with any amount of experience — the only requirement is a passion for learning about and creating XR experiences!

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