Making the Impossible Possible: Assistive Technology, Virtual Reality & 3D Printing!


Assistive technology is "any item, piece of equipment, or product system, whether acquired commercially off the shelf, modified, or customized, that is used to increase, maintain, or improve functional capabilities of individuals with disabilities" (Disabilities Act of 1988). Any Assistive Tech 2020 conference subject can be discussed, tho I've a special interest in virtual reality and 3D printing. RE VR, environments simulating a person’s physical presence in worlds real or imagined can help people with disabilities expand their knowledge, skills, and attitudes in ways not possible otherwise, enabling them to engage in activities relatively free from the limitations imposed by their disability, and in complete safety. VR also helps create empathy or expand knowledge in others by helping experience disabilities through simulated environments. However, current off-the-shelf VR headsets are not necessarily accessible to everyone. RE 3D printing, some of the same 3D tech making VR possible also make 3D printing possible! I have a makerspace and bunch of 3D printers, and love to discuss how 3D printing can be used in healthcare. Please, join us online in social virtual reality to discuss during the Assistive Technology Conference in Orlando.

Assistive Technology Conference

ATIA Sessions

ATIA Maker Day 3.0

Electric Wheelchair Kit (FRC Team 1577)

Design, helping or harming the disabled? (Also!)

SCUBA simulator advances the field of virtual reality while exploring the relationship between diving and disability

Virtual Reality and Assistive Technology: Learn about the New New Things! (slides)

How Virtual Reality Can Transform the Way People with Disabilities Learn

Virtual Reality as an Assistive Technology to Support the Cognitive Development of People With Intellectual and Multiple Disabilities (download full-text pdf)

First-time wheelchair users could learn to navigate the world through virtual reality

A Virtual Reality Based Powered Wheelchair Simulator (Steam)

He hadn’t skied in 32 years. Then virtual reality pulled him out of his wheelchair

Virtual Reality as Assistive Technology...

Augmented Reality and Accessibility

Getting started with Virtual Reality as Assistive Technology

On the Future of Special Education: Virtual Reality Assistive Technology

Eyeflite’s Ava – Hands-free Computer Access in VR

3rd International Workshop on Virtual and Augmented Assistive Technology

Virtual Reality for Assistive Technology

VR for VI: How Visually Impaired Students Can Use Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality for Health Center for Assistive, Rehabilitation, & Robotics Technologies

Virtual Reality Exercise Games for High School Students With Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

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