Day 2: A.R.G.H., Matey! (Augmented, Respectful, Guaranteed Health IT)


Ready to have your mind blown by social virtual reality? During HIMSS19, the largest global health IT conference, join Health Systems Chat regulars from all over the world on three consecutive evenings, to talk about healthcare, technology, and transformation.

On Day One, Tuesday, February 12th, we'll take in incredible views from high over Orlando's International Drive Orange County Convention Center, and cover Exhibitor Highlights from some of the 1400 exhibitors at HIMSS19.

alt text

On Day Two, Wednesday, February 13th, join us at Pirate Cove theme park to discuss Automated, Respectful, Guaranteed Health IT: A.R.G.H.! Bring your best pirate brogue to declaim your opinions from Speaker's Rock. Gather near Ye Old Twitter Tea House. Add your selfie to the Selfie Salon. Talk shop on the Workflow Walkway. Admire the HIMSS19 Hall of Hashtags! Hunt for Easter Eggs. And, if you dare, walk the plank! (Not kidding, it's a freaky experience!)

alt text

On Day Three, Thursday, February 14th, the last evening of HIMSS19, bring your bathing trunks to the poolside Wrap Party. Via "Interactables" we'll shoot hoops, throw frisbees, grill burgers, and shoot off fireworks.

alt text

The above links will take you to each of the HIMSS19 social VR event registration pages. Also, consider subscribing to our Health Systems Chat in Social VR. Starting at HIMSS18, we've been meeting in social virtual reality every other week to discuss such topics as...

  • behavior health,
  • dementia science,
  • aging well,
  • alleviating loneliness,
  • artificial intelligence,
  • computational neuroscience,
  • healthcare innovation,
  • Health IT Week (that was a really good one!),
  • balancing tech & humanity,
  • medical informatics,
  • insurance & paying for healthcare,
  • digital imaging,
  • consumer digital health,
  • investing in healthcare companies, and
  • virtual reality in medicine (of course!).

Our 2019 lineup of Health Systems Chats in Social VR is shaping up quite nicely, thank you!

For short tours of each @AltspaceVR event space, please watch the video below!

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