You may be aware that many "real-world" science, tech, and healthcare conferences are being canceled. I love going to conferences, IRL or virtual. Let's work together to recreate in social virtual reality the learning, networking, and socializing that makes conferences so valuable and fun. Let's explore and discuss cool tech, how our healthcare system is put together, how health and healthcare affect society and the environment, and how society and the environment affect health and healthcare! How VR can help! Patient? You're the expert! Bring your personal story to improve healthcare for everyone! For variety's sake, we also tackle topics that may not on their surface appear directly related to health and healthcare. But, if we look under the surface, we'll see surprising connections! Subscribe to Health Systems Chat to find out about all of the online social virtual reality events hosted by Chuck Webster, MD, MS (AI), MS (Industrial Engineering), @wareflo on Twitter, and 6-time HIMSS Social Media Ambassador!

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